Car Key Micro Camera

Package Includes:

  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


Car Key Micro Camera

A compact device that resembles a car key, designed to capture footage inside a vehicle. Due to its unassuming appearance and small size, it has become popular as a covert spy camera. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this camera records video in AVI format and saves it to a microSD card. The user is the able to view the content on their preferred device. The camera supports up to 32GB microSD card, enabling storage of several hours of footage, subject to the video resolution.
Featuring a high resolution and a 30 frames per second frame rate. This camera can capture good video quality for its size and price. Additionally, a built-in microphone records audio alongside video footage. Operated easily through a button on the side, this camera has multiple operating modes like continuous recording, motion detection, and still photo capture. Users can conserve battery life and storage space with motion-detection mode, ensuring that the camera only records video when it detects movement in front of it. Also, still photo capture mode can take photos with a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels.
Furthermore, this camera comes with several accessories like a keychain loop and a USB cable for charging and transferring files. Its small size, minimalist appearance, and ease of use, the Car key with Micro Camera enjoys continued popularity among users looking for a small, discreet camera for various purposes.
  • Video Recording 720 x 480 pixels (30 frames per second)
  • Photo Capture 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Motion Detection
  • Audio Recording
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Discreet Design

Video Format: AVI
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery 280mha – 3.7V
Maximum Micro SD storage capacity: 32 GB (NOT INCLUDED!)


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