GPS Tracker-Bug009

Package Includes:

  • 1 x GPS Tracker-Bug009
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  1. SIM Card Included & Activated
  2. Simply Insert And Start Tracking
  3. No Hidden Fees 


GPS Tracker-Bug009

GPS Tracker-Bug009 a small and versatile tracking device that can monitor the location of a variety of items. This device uses GPS and LBS positioning to accurately locate vehicles, people, and assets. One of its most advantageous features is its long battery life, providing up to 15 days of tracking depending on the frequency of data transmission. This ensures that you don’t need to frequently recharge the device, allowing it to effectively monitor for longer periods.

Moreover, the GPS Tracker-Bug009 is highly sensitive and can locate the target with high accuracy. The device heightens the sense of security for both the tracked and the trackers by offering a variety of alarm options like overspeed, geofencing, low battery, and others. Installation of this device is also easy as it doesn’t require any complicated wiring or permanent installation. You can place it anywhere thanks to its powerful magnetic design, which allows it to adhere to any metallic surface. In addition to the device’s primary function, the GPS Tracker – Bug009 offers many unique features. These include real-time voice monitoring, which allows you to listen to conversations happening in the immediate vicinity of the device. Similarly, the device offers sound detection, which sends an alert to inform you when there are loud noises present in the surroundings. With its accompanying app, you can quickly and easily view the location of the device on a map. You can also export location data for future use or view a history of device locations.


  • Real-time positioning
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Historical route playback
  • Voice monitoring
  • SOS alarm
  • Small size
  • Long battery life

Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Battery 3.7V 300mA lithium
Working Time: 30hrs (if it is engaged in the transmission of sound, then it will last for 3-6 hours)

About our GPS Tracker-Bug009

Our GPS Tracker – Bug009 is a versatile tracking device. It offers many functions beyond its primary tracking capability. For instance, it has real-time voice monitoring and sound detection features. It can also be placed anywhere with its powerful magnetic design. Whether you need to monitor your vehicle, assets, or loved ones, this device provides a customizable solution to all your location tracking needs.


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