Trail Camera DTCB28

Package included:

  • 1 x Trail Camera DTCB28
  • 1 x Data Cable
  • 1 x Card Reader
  • 1 x Tie Band
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
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Trail Camera DTCB28

Trail Camera DTCB28 is a highly versatile device that produces high-quality images and videos for various purposes. Firstly, it’s great for shooting wildlife, security, and indoor or outdoor activities. Its high-resolution camera lens, motion detection sensor, and infrared night vision also capture images and videos of wildlife, nature, and other outdoor events. It is an ideal tool for nature photographers, wildlife researchers, hunters, and also for security purposes.

This device also has onboard memory, and its long battery life ensures that it captures footage for extended periods. The Trail Camera DTCB28 high-resolution lens enables sharp and detailed images from a distance, while the infrared night vision captures clear footage under low light conditions. The motion detection sensor triggers the camera to start recording automatically when it detects movement.

The device’s durable and weather-resistant design makes it an indispensable tool in every season. Moreover, the motion detection sensor technology has special benefits for surveillance and security professionals. This technology enables this camera to detect and monitor suspicious activities in remote locations, ensuring that outdoor areas are secure. The onboard memory capability of the camera allows for the storage of a large amount of recorded video and images, and its memory card slot enables easy transfer of the footage to your other devices.


  • 1080P HD Resolution
  • 52° Wide Lens
  • IP54 Weatherproof
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Motion Detection Sensor
  • Trigger Speed 0.8 Second
  • 1-5 Photos Per Trigger
  • Long Battery Life
  • Onboard memory capability
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight and portable

Maximum Micro SD storage capacity: 32 GB (NOT INCLUDED!)
Battery: 4 x AA Batteries Or if connected to electricity a DC 5V adaptor *Note: When using the 5V DC power adapter, it is recommended that the AA batteries be removed.
Time on standby: Approximately 8 months
USB Connection: Note that when you connect the camera to a PC via a USB cable, it only reads data files. When you connect the camera to a power outlet via USB, it only serves as a charger.


  • Photo Resolution: 12mp, 4000X3000
  • Video Resolution: FHD 1920*1080 25FPS
  • Image Sensor: 3MP Color CMOS
  • Lens: F=6mm, FOV=52°
  • PIR Distance: 15M
  • Night Vision Flash: 38 Infrared LEDs 940nm Black Lights, 10M
  • Dimensions: 8cm x 5cm x 10cm
  • Certificates: FCC, CE, RoHS

About our Trail Camera DTCB28

Our Trail Camera DTCB28 with its high-resolution camera lens, infrared night vision, motion detection sensor, and weather resistance, it is an excellent tool for every season. Its long battery life, onboard memory, motion detection technology, and durability make it an indispensable tool for wildlife capture as well as for surveillance and security services. With its exquisite appearance, this digital camera is an ideal product for home security, warehouse monitoring, and wildlife monitoring.


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Weight 0.280 kg
Dimensions 18.5 x 13.5 x 6.5 cm


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